Meet our team

We’re an experienced bunch of child care educators and support staff. And we love what we do.

At South Perth Early Childhood Centre, we’re driven to provide a high quality environment in which children are nurtured, encouraged and stimulated to achieve their potential. We also value and support our families, staff and volunteers. Together, we can make a difference.


As the Director of South Perth Early Childhood Centre, and also a qualified early childhood teacher, my goal is to build a strong community of parents, educators and children.

I am passionate about the continued growth and development of children, and about upholding the excellent quality of care we provide.

My career has spanned 39 years and I have spent nearly 22 years at SPECC. I feel a great sense of pride to be working with such dedicated individuals who know the value of trust, honesty and integrity. Every member of our team strives to create the happiest and most secure ‘home away from home’ for all of our children.


I have been working in early years’ education and the care of young children for more than 33 years. I love the holistic approach we use at SPECC, which focuses on nurturing children’s individuality, promoting their strengths and extending their interests.

My role as Assistant Director gives me the opportunity to be an advocate for our educators, the profession, and our community of families and their children. I am also a qualified educator and team leader, and I enjoy working with my team, parents and other professionals to create the best possible program for the children in my care.

Outside of work, art is my passion. I love to paint in acrylic and oil paints, and I find that my artistic flair often spills over into my professional role.


I’m enthusiastic about my role as Educational Leader. I work with educators to inspire, motivate and challenge them to extend and reflect on their practice, and deliver the best programs for the children.

I’ve been an educator for 17 years and I value learning about and sharing new ideas and ways of thinking. I fully embrace the words of the American educator, Robert John Meeham who said, “Educators who love learning teach children to love learning.”

I believe in a holistic approach to teaching and learning, as well as using creativity and the natural environment as a source of inspiration for both children and educators. I’m also passionate about developing self-esteem and confidence, which I strive to do in a way that is positive, caring and innovative.